V-cube is a Turnkey Service

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V-cube USA provides a Turnkey Service to capture your event presentations. We have a team of professional Project Managers that will guide you through the complete process. Many clients reference our excellent customer service and standards of business. We understand this may be new for you and want to ensure that you understand the whole process from beginning to end. Please give us a call for any questions you may have about our products. We are delighted to help you.



1.   Reach out to a V-cube Project Manager for a price quote on your next event.

2.   The V-cube Project Manager will guide you through a series of examples similar to your event.

3.   The V-cube Project Manager will then create a detailed formal proposal based off the information provided about your event.

4.   Once the proposal has been signed, the Project Manager will then reserve a V-cube Technician to be onsite at your event.

5.   The Project Manager will begin coordinating with the venue where your event will be taking place to ensure all requirements can be fulfilled.

6.   Once all the necessary requirements have been arranged, the V-cube Project Manager will then update you with the details.

7.   24-48 hours before your event, the V-cube Technician will arrive onsite to prepare for the event.

8.   The day of your event, the V-cube Technician will arrive 90 minutes prior to start. They will finish when the last required session has been recorded.

9.   Each day the V-cube Technician will update you of the status of the recordings.

10. As soon as the V-cube Technician is back in the V-cube Studio, we begin production on your content immediately.

11. Content is usually done within a 72 hours or 1 week of the conference end date.

12. Each client receives a complete online video library of there event.

This is the process of V-cube Event Recording and Live Streaming.






www.vimeopro.com /vc1/worldbpoforum2013  


Call Us for a FREE Consultation with a V-cube Project Manager.

Our Mission

We feel the educational content at each conference is very important.  Large conferences have multiple tracks and most attendees only experience 10% – 25% of the education.  In addition, after days of non-stop education, attendees are overwhelmed and they stop learning half way through. These are the reasons why we are passionate about what we do. We feel it is important to provide your attendees with the recordings to the sessions, so they can get the full educational value of the conference.  We provide a service that gives them the ability to review sessions they attended and listen to sessions they were unable to attend.  This will extend the life of the meeting for each attendee and increase the value of the conference to them.

V-cube USA event services equips you with a team of trained professionals who works on-site to capture your events. Our position is to record it for your records and make it available to viewers online publicly or privately for your organization.  You simply schedule your event and our team takes care of the rest.